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Career Counseling and Exploration Series

Find your unique path to success and fulfillment.

Are you considering a career change?

Professional career exploration is valuable, informative, rewarding, and energizing for many and it can be for you also! It is time well spent. The purpose of our work is to help you identify the work-life you desire and will find fulfilling. We will spend our time together in these sessions gaining a fresh understanding of you, your work personality, and your interests. This series includes an interview, validated assessment, and action steps. This information will be integrated to formulate your goals relating to work and life! 

Each one hour weekly session is an important component of our work together. We will typically meet for three consecutive weeks.

Accountability Sessions: These sessions are an opportunity for you to check-in, hold yourself accountable, revise your goals, and share your progress. Effective change requires ongoing effort and we will work toward your vision as it develops. We will create a plan of action to get to your established goals for the highest quality of life you want to live. This work includes development of new perspectives and solutions so your outcomes match your stated goals.

This three session series is available for $300. Additional accountability and refinement sessions are available for $50. 

Career Coaching Sessions

personal development


You are a learner, teacher, leader, worker, problem-solver, dreamer, driver, and an unique person! Flourishing and reaching goals is simplified when you seek to understand your personality at a deeper level. This can greatly improve your self-awareness, and understanding of others.

I will facilitate a global personality assessment to measure your self-concept, values, and conflict energies on a typical day and when you are under stress. This knowledge is a powerful tool. We will explore applications and identify goals. We will dive deep into a situational identity framework aimed at understanding you. This will help you gain lasting insight and navigate your actions and reactions effectively. 

Your personality profile will be an in-depth measure of 9 different themes based on 40 personality scales. .

This three session series is available for $300. Additional accountability and refinement sessions are available for $50.

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