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What do you truly value?

Why is knowing your top ten values important? In this complicated world, knowing your top several values can help you to identify what truly matters most to you. This can provide clarity and separate your actual choices and actions from marketing messages, past learned habits, and other pathways of least resistance. You can work to build habits and a lifestyle which is in alignment with your most important motivators. Our aim is a happier, more fulfilling and healthier life.

The values you choose are completely your choice and up to you! Career counseling and positive psychology exploration can help with identification. I hope this video will be helpful as well.

Action and Application:

Take time to consider what your top ten values are

Write down your top ten values and post them in a visible location

Build habits that are in alignment with your values

Notice when your activities fit with your true values

Consider what parts of your career or life fit especially well with your values

Work with me if you would like to explore this topic further!

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