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Investigate Yourself & Your Strengths-based Mindset

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

To me eudaemonia is the Shangri La of strengths. Ahhh the dreamy place when we are fulfilling our vital need of mastery or learning while being challenged in perfect proportion!

When I am in this state, I am eager to work because I am connected and energized. I am in the zone. It takes work and effort to get to this destination, Shangri La. Personality assessment combined with career exploration can greatly help to navigate this bumpy pathway and avoid unhelpful detours. It certainly has for me.

Psychology, Strengths, Flourishing, and Eudaemonia

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes eudaemonia as a state of ecstasy. He and his colleagues studied over 8000 individuals in an attempt to understand how this state is achieved. Their findings revealed that there is an ideal pairing of skill and challenge levels which are required to enter a state of creative eudaemonia. Marcus Buckingham describes eudaemonia as a state of fully flourishing. He refers to the greek definition as, “giving your best where you have the best to give, and reaping the rewards of excellence” To move toward the state of eudaemonia, or to fully flourish, knowing and using one’s strengths is crucial. The effort of crafting life to use strengths as much as possible leads to personal satisfaction.

Action and Application

When I consider how I work and live these days, I can see a lot has changed for the better.

  • I am mindful of my time and aim to find the adventure in searching out inspiration in work and life

  • I work to stay in alignment with my values. I recognize learning and mastery as a vital need.

  • knowing my strengths also brings important clarity to my weaknesses.

And, now, two things for you to consider…

  • What daily practices help you feel well and energized?

  • What action gives you a feeling of flourishing?


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