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Psychology for Work and Life

I am an explorer of you! I mix my training in psychology, counseling, and career counseling with the power of assessment to support you in reaching your “next-level” of fulfillment!  Self-awareness is a powerful STRENGTH! You will become the expert. Discover far, far more enjoyable, effortless, and effective actions with a framework to back it up! 

Work: Career Counseling Series

Life: Positive Psychology Sessions

Couples: Prepare and Enrich Series

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With personal experience in

major career change

and impactful life detours,

I want to help others move from overwhelming stress toward personal fulfillment!

I blend my experience in mental health counseling, organizational psychology, and business to assist my clients in experiencing greater success in work and in life.

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Qualifications: Master's in Counseling and Psychology, ADW Certification, SSI Certification, Prepare and Enrich Certification.

Professional practitioner of positive psychology and strengths.

Strong Interest Inventory, WSQ-Discovery, and Organizational Psychology.